MJ Clark Home Inspections

Serving the North Shore suburbs up to Milwaukee, WI
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MJ Clark Home Inspections

Serving the North Shore suburbs up to Milwaukee, WI
Click or Call Today (224) 554-9798

Commercial Inspections

“ We provide complete Commercial Inspections for buyers, sellers, investors, lenders and Insurance Agents. Our inspections and reports comply with the ASTM2018-15 Property Condition Assessments. Our experience and thorough attention to details make MJ Clark the best selection for a building inspection”

Dedicated to Excellent Service

MJ Clark combines 21 years as a General Contractor with 10 years as a Commercial Inspector along with 8 years as a volunteer Firefighter to offer you a thorough home inspection with a special focus on safety.

Why Choose Us?

We use advanced technology and tools to find issues that other inspectors might miss. These include issues that will remain hidden from a typical inspection. Our inspection will provide you with a better understanding of the following conditions:

  • Energy Costs
  • Shock hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Insulation Deficiencies
  • Carbon monoxide dangers
  • Moisture / Mold suspected areas
  • “Licensed & insured in Illinois & Wisconsin”
    IL 450.011942
    WI 3142-106

Services we Offer

Residential Inspections

A residential home inspection will uncover hidden problems that can be costly or pose a safety hazard to your family. We will perform a complete and thorough home inspection and check all major areas of the home.

Moisture Testing

The number one enemy of any house is moisture. We use our moisture meters to check out and test areas the others miss. Our meters detect the moisture % behind walls that can’t be seen.

Electrical Testing

Loose wires or incorrect installation of an electric wiring is a problem. We test any suspect wiring to let you know if it’s live and if it’s a situation that needs further evaluation. Electricity is a deadly and dangerous condition if not properly installed.

Commercial Inspections

Physical Needs Assessment
Physical Conditions
Protect your Investment

MJ Clark Inspections Free 90 Day Limited Home Warranty

Free 90-DAY LIMITED HOME WARRANTY included with each full home inspection:

American Home Warranty Company


“Mike was thorough and complete and took time with me and my husband to explain and answer questions.”

“ Easy going and thorough”

“Mike was able to show us some easy repairs before listing and was a great help in getting our home ready for market.”

“Came back when I had more questions”

“ Mike found a problem with our heating system that might have been a liability for a buyer, So we addressed it before listing”

“We worked together and save money by identifying options.”

What's Included in a Home Inspection

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